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Public service announcement of sorts, since I know several people who keep epinephrine around for allergies - Auvi-Q is being recalled due to a possible dosage error (the med is fine, it simply may not deliver enough, and it is safer for them to recall). If that's the delivery device you have, the number to call is on their page. Unfortunately they cannot directly replace with another brand, but they have stated they will arrange for reimbursement of cost for people who have to pay out of pocket to get a different unit.
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We are in dire need of puppy and kitty homes!

I know most people are all full, or are busy with their own rescue groups, or what-have-you, but I could really use some more help getting the word out on this. is the community page (you do not have to be a member or be logged in to facebook to view this page!), regularly updated with photos, and is the fundraiser page, and we still have a lot of costs to cover as well.

Those who have ways to pass the word along, please do. We have 9 dogs who need homes - I'm still hopeful that Maggie herself will get to go back to the family that initially adopted her, but they are still dealing with ongoing human health crises, so it isn't a given. I'd like to have some time to match people up with the best puppy for their families, and they'll be ready to move on within a few weeks, so time's a'wastin, as it were.

Additionally, I still have Sterling the grey tabbycat, and it's well past time for him to find people of his own. He's beautiful, very active and playful, generally gentle, affectionate, and an arrogant little snot. Okay, not that little. I'll try to get some more decent photos soon and find a way to share them.
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As requested/suggested by a few people, I have put together a GoFundMe for Maggie's care. Things are tight for pretty much everyone, so please don't feel pressured to do what isn't possible. If people can help me get the word out that we could use a few bucks from people who can do that, and that we need good homes for the puppies, that would be hugely helpful!

Maggie's Family
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Sterling (foster kitling) had his vet visit today. Tested negative for the nasty things, has been started on shots and neutered. He is ready for a permanent home. (This is not one I need to tame before handing him off, truly.) Roughly 9 months (just a bit under 9lbs, and his build/feet/way of moving all say not quite done growing yet).

He's essentially what I call a "rubber kitty". Very easy-going in general (with people - see below), likes to be picked up and held/snuggled, you can pretty much do whatever you want to him - rub his tummy, hold him like a baby, carry him around... easy cat. Gentle with his claws thus far, despite the rather stressful week he has had.

He is _very_ talkative. It isn't terribly loud, aside from when he is informing me that no, really, he's a big kid and he doesn't _need_ to be in the crate overnight, and it's morning anyway, and why isn't he out running the house yet? He just likes to talk. If you get into a conversation with him, it can go on for a while. But it's a pleasant voice, for the most part. (Mom threatened to name him Bennett. As in Tony.)

The aggression towards the other cats has considerably calmed down. It seems to have mostly been "new boy in town trying to make sure no one messes with him". I don't worry that he'll hurt anyone, and we're no longer hovering to make sure, just checking in when we hear too much noise. I think he'll be okay living with other cats, given a decent adjustment period. That said, boy has a mouth on him. He's quite the arrogant adolescent, and he says things to the others that even people who don't speak cat can probably tell are rude. (Cheyenne is worried. Lillith is annoyed and worried. Aidan just looks hurt. Casper is being delightfully aloof and ignoring him. It's fun to watch that one, because it appears to be making Sterling slightly nuts.)

But he's been loose in our house for several hours at a time more than once, and the worst problem has been him attempting to intimidate a couple of my chickens-disguised-as-cats somewhat. They're fine, and they're not in hiding or anything. Just a little wary. So, really, he should be fine with other cats, he's great with people. No idea about dogs/other types of pet.

Standard adoption rules apply: indoors only please (he loves sitting in the windows, but has made _no_ move towards the door - he will be fine indoors), no de-clawing, need to be in position to manage basic healthcare as needed.

So there you go. Grey/silver tabby, very handsome, very loving, needs a good people(s), maybe another cat or two for companionship, but he'd probably be okay solo as long as he had lots of people time - kind of attention-seeking, this one. Healthy, snuggly, ready for a home. Help me, internets!

(leaving unlocked so people can be pointed to this if someone knows someone looking)
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Alright, I'm looking for some help finding ways to make this trip work. Aside from the obvious "if you know of paying work I could do, tell me!", I'm trying to figure out how to cut costs. We already travel with food of our own, since eating on the road can be a budget-killer. Sadly, the convention hotel isn't one of the lovely places with kitchens, so there's only so much we can do, but that's life. They are supposedly at least feeding us breakfast during the convention proper, which helps a little.

My biggest challenge is post-convention, pre-Richmond (and while in Richmond, honestly). If you know people who are in Baltimore area, or north/east VA (pretty much anywhere from the greater DC metro area, through Alexandria, and down to Richmond, as well as the Williamsburg area) who might be able to give us advice for cheap-but-not-terrifying places to stay for a couple of nights mid-week, please pass the question along to them? Basic wheelchair accessibility is necessary for D (basic meaning can get into the room and into a bed/couch without dealing with more than one stair, in this case), and I am chemically sensitive, but I generally just accept that I'll be at least slightly ill while traveling.
A nifty town to explore is a bonus, but certainly not necessary.

I don't _think_ I know anyone out in that area whose home would be even remotely accessible and who would be okay with couch-surfers. And besides, if I do, I obviously don't know them well enough to ask, given that I'm unaware that they're there. :P

I'm guessing that in Richmond proper we'll stay at an Extended Stay or similar - not dirt cheap, but they have kitchens, which helps offset cost if we actually behave ourselves and cook.

We can find relatively affordable ways to entertain ourselves in the area, though of course if you are in said area and want to play with us, feel free to give me a poke. We may wander into DC or Alexandria at least for one day.
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There are still memberships open for the 3rd North American DiscWorld Convention this summer!

Baltimore, MD, July 5-8th. There are all the classic con events, including masquerade, gala dinner, art show, panels, workshops, etc.

D and I are going (I am working, and he's trying to get a volunteer gig there as well). The people we usually go with had to back out due to financial and time conflicts, so we're looking for possible roommate(s). I won't promise no snoring, but we're not terrible, either. It would be a wheelchair accessible room.

We are driving (Missouri to Maryland, probably via IL, IN, OH, PA), so there is the possibility of picking someone up en route, though we'd need to work that out pretty well in advance, to make sure of adequate luggage space, or ship some things ahead.

Relatedly: DC People! We're hoping to find extra time (and the extra money) to come down there and play for a day or two before heading home. Feel free to ping me if you want to hang out.
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I'm a bad brain-fried monkey, and failed to post this last week. A friend needs some help paying for treatment once insurance has decided she's done. Several people have offered up shiny things in exchange for donations.

Here's the post. Go, look at shiny things, help if you can, pass around.

I could be convinced to toss some baked goods into the ring, if there is interest - local-ish interest would be ideal, but I will work with whatever, feel free to poke at me for what I can do/associated donation suggestions. D has said he'll do more than 4 of the journals if there is demand.
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yeah, the new LJ code stuff is rather awful. I'll keep crossposting, and checking there regularly for comments, as most people who I read are on LJ rather than DW still, and besides, I get many of my webcomics through feed over there. :P That said, if you're both places, let me know? If LJ manages to go splut in a spectacular manner at some point, I'd rather not have most of my friends vanish into the dark regions of the internet and me not know how to find them.
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I did this a few years ago. It's a nice idea. There's a community as well, [ profile] holiday_wishes, which is a good place to post, though watch the posting/list rules, it's slightly different there.

the rules, for those who haven't played before )

1: cards/notes/stickers/pictures/trinkets, you know, things what come in mailboxes - I've been feeling very cut off for quite a while now. My own fault for living where I do, I suppose, but I miss my friends.

2: leads on work for D. He's a computer engineer (hardware, in other words, rather than a software person), with some training in factory automation stuff, and a strong interest in audio hardware.

3: leads on work for me. I do filing and paperwork, help with large projects, do light cleaning/organizing, and cook/bake/make candy on request, as well as my massage practice. Because of my chemical sensitivities and chronic pain problems, taking a full-time job is not in the cards, but I would happily take on more work, particularly as two of my regular non-massage clients have had to cut me for personal or financial reasons this year.

4: a laptop. Mine croaked a while back, in a non-reparable way. I used D's for a while, but it needs a full overhaul now, and I was never really comfortable using his toy. We're sharing the desktop these days. I'm certainly not saying I'm computer deprived - we have a desktop to share! - but it would be really nice to have a portable machine of my own again.

5: stuff from my amazon wishlists, here. I have three wishlists (home, work, and me), but that's the main one. Used is of course perfectly welcome and encouraged.

6: gift certificates/cards. as much as D and I try to buy most things used, or get by without, some stuff just doesn't show up at goodwill or other thrift stores reliably, and we can't yet get by without things like food and fuel. :P (useful and very welcome: target, QT, hardware stores, groceries, restaurants. the dream stuff: penzeys, recollections (historical clothing), antique malls, bookstores (half-price, B&N, local used stores, whatever), lizzie and rocco's (or other good pet supply place), clovers or other natural food store)

7: reading/author suggestions, with or without an accompanying sample. ;) For starting points, I enjoy Pratchett, most Lackey, Anne Bishop's Black Jewels stuff, Mary Jo Putney, and a decent amount of Mary Balogh and Jo Beverly's work. I'm a voracious re-reader, and I will happily admit that I have a fondness for well-crafted fluff with enjoyable, resonant characters, though I can appreciate the kind of novel you read deeply once, then set aside for years while it percolates. For non-fiction, I love Pollan's writing style and readability, and the topics I'll read about are pretty far-ranging, with history, food, fashion history, food history, sustainable living, frugality, biological sciences, health, and herbalism/natural health being fairly common trends.

8: assistance sorting/hauling large quantities of heavy things (books and bookcases, mostly) between an upstairs apartment, the house, and a few storage units. I need to get more of my stuff out of the apartment to try and clear it for mom, but my hauling ability is severely limited, and my drive is minimal because I find it overwhelming. This has the potential to be frustrating, because things will likely wind up being moved multiple times as they get sorted and re-sorted to determine what stays, what goes, what gets sold, etc.

9: donations for no-kill pet shelters. Since we're practically running one at the farm (recovered ferals, and several FIV+ kitties), I wouldn't turn down donations for their care, but mostly I just know how much the shelters are struggling. The number of pets coming in certainly hasn't gone down, and often has gone up, even as donations keep dropping because money's tight everywhere. Have more space or time than money? A lot of the shelters rely on in-home foster care for the pets, and volunteers to help at adoption events.

10: clothing inspiration - I need to start making more of my own clothing, for various reasons including fit problems and a style that stores don't really cater to. Not only would a cheering section be appreciated, but I could use diagrams/patterns/photos for dresses/skirts/outfits that would fall into one of these categories: pioneer/heritage clothing (think living history exhibit stuff); south asian/middle eastern traditional; 60s-70s 'back to the land' styles; simple medieval that can be readily adapted for work - ie, not just the nobility-wear; things you think I'd enjoy or look good in. Fabric or clothing is of course welcome as well, I just figure most people won't have those on hand.
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I'm not giving up on LJ - this has been home way too long for me to just vanish. But I did grab a DW account back when that first became a viable option, just in case, and today's downtime prompted me to do another import (it had been 2 years since I'd done that), and remind people who might be both places that I am, as well. Same username. Feel free to add me if you're over there.
I might get around to taking the time to figure out dual-posting, like many people have done...we'll see if I get inspired to deal with that soon, but my weekend alone at home has turned into a weekend of farm-sitting, so breath-holding would be a bad idea.

Also need to try and retrieve a bunch of icons I haven't had usable since my paid account here expired some very long time ago, so I can rearrange what I'm using a bit
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This is a preliminary call for ideas/names. A cousin (more precisely, the widow of one of dad's cousins) has decided that she can't keep her cats. Her reasoning is unclear, and given her mental state at this point, getting clarity probably won't happen, though I may give it a shot. Mom and I helped her adopt these cats from a shelter over 8 years ago, and we're going to have to step in now to keep them from being dropped off in a shelter and probably killed as unadoptable for a variety of reasons.

The basics: Two female cats, a mother-daughter pair. Both white haired with blue eyes (I believe - mom certainly had blue eyes as a young adult, and her daughter looked just like her, with no sign of eyes changing at the time of the adoption, which was 8-10 weeks, I think...), at least one is a medium-fur. At the time of adoption, the mother was a sweet and elegant young cat, not quite a year old, who charmed everyone she met (I met her at the vet office when she was in to be spayed), and the baby was, well, a sweet baby kitten.
The problems with immediate re-homing are that they are now 8 and 9 years old, cannot be separated as far as anyone can tell, and they've been allowed to become rather horribly unsocialized over the last few years. The description I've been given says that the momcat is rather unfriendly these days, and the daughter is timid around most people. These are traits that can be overcome, generally, but it will take time and patience in good foster care.

I'd like to find them a medium-term foster arrangement, someone who can help resocialize them, and actively groom them for a good home for the second half of their lives. I'd do it myself, but the babycat (currently known as Casper) who landed on my doorstep last week is already taking a lot of my focus and energy away from Kimi, and I will not risk her health by adding any other feline distractions to the home right now. There's also the problem of lease/landlord/city pet limits, and some other stuff.

Anyone know of a good foster home with openings? Anyone willing to try taking them on for a while? Someone in the vicinity of MO know of a no-kill shelter that actually has openings for paired adult cats? When I helped pull them from a shelter, I dubbed them Sapphire and Topaz - they were gloriously striking cats. Their current names, which I admit kind of make me cringe, are Pretty Girl and Baby. *sigh*

Leaving this one unlocked, in case someone needs to pass it along.
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Thanks for all the support and good thoughts, gang. I'm doing quite a bit better with Aidan home safe. Things are still thoroughly whelming around here, but at least it's not that level.

Everyone who is in the way of these storms try to stay safe, please! We've been pretty lucky here so far, but pretty lucky still means damaging amounts of rain, very high winds, and occasional hail. (the tornadoes have gone by a bit north, or way south, thus far...)
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He's home. We just finished another walking lap of the neighborhood with no luck, and I was making myself sit down for some cereal, so I could take my antibiotic (like I said, I got thoroughly shredded trying to keep him from bolting), and as I sat, I heard crying that wasn't Kimi. I'd left the garage door propped open since yesterday, and he'd found his way into there and was asking for us.

*relieved sigh* time to pill him, start his new diet, take down about 50 signs, hunker down for the next wave of thunderstorms, then collapse and whimper for a while.
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I need kitty come home vibes, fast, please?

Aidan got spooked by a strange (to him) man (he was abused as a kitten, and is nervous around men he doesn't know), and he ran. We've been looking for him for an hour, and can't find him. No idea how far he went. I'm fairly thoroughly shredded from trying to hold on to him, and alternating between crying and kicking myself and peering under every car and bush I can think of.

He's sick, he's terrified, and he's outside, and it's about to, please?
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I'm about to launch into my cookbook collection, specifically the one-dish meal and crockpot cookbooks that mom has a fascination with, to try and solve this problem to some extent, but I love playing "ask the internets", so here goes:

I cook for dad. No, I mean, I make almost all of his food, aside from the oatmeal he eats once a day, and the occasional can of sardines. It all has to be packaged in 2-cup pyrex bowls, frozen, and then reheated in the microwave. This means nothing that is ornate, doesn't work in a bowl, or can't be mistreated by going from frozen to hot in 6 minutes of intense microwaving. (We tried defrosting in the fridge, but he'd forget something was there, let it go bad, then eat it anyway and get sick. This happened more than once.)

This means I have to provide 14-21 frozen meals a week, that have to meet not only those requirements, but all his dietary requirements, some of which are genuine, some of which are his being blasted picky and/or making connections in his head that have limited contact with reality.

So, here's what I need. One-dish, or easy-to-assemble, recipes, that can be frozen without destroying them, and don't involve anything that can't tolerate rapid reheating.
Dad won't eat the following:
-red meat
-anything spicy
-green peppers (or any peppers, really)
-anything he reads as "too healthy" or "too fussy"

He also has historically been difficult about too much potato and rice, but he seems to be relaxing on that one. (He has had blood sugar problems in the past, but things have improved somewhat.) He has requested lots of vegetables, but again, gets grumpy if it reads as too healthy. Cheese works wonders on this problem, so almost everything gets topped with cheese.

I did have an eggplant parm recipe in play that worked very well, but I'd put it on hiatus due to terribly expensive eggplant, and now he's decided it irritates his bladder (???), so I've been asked to not make it. Or the chili casserole (he outlawed beans entirely about a week ago, after months of telling me to just 'go easy' on them). I don't know if I'll be allowed to make the corn-veggie casserole again, since it's one of the things he poisoned himself with.
That currently leaves me with only a chicken/veggie 'crockpot' soup in a tomato base, and the seafood-rice casserole (also tomato base).

Anyone have anything brilliant to suggest? I've gotten some great recipe suggestions elsewhere, but most of them don't take the "in a 2-cup pyrex" into account, and/or would be terribly impractical to make on the kind of scale I'm talking about. I won't do anything that can't be easily scaled up to make at least 8-10 dishes for freezing, and 12-20 is better. The ingredients need to be not outrageously expensive, if they're used in quantity, and if it takes hours to assemble, unless it makes 24+ dishes, it's not really worth the time. (Yes, I get paid for doing this. I don't get paid very much, and it can be somewhat exhausting, as well as taking away from time that I could be doing other work, and it tends to leave me with no desire or energy to cook decent food for us.)
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Last night I sat down with mom and we finished working out a sketch for the roughly 4'x 54' bed along the south wall of Sunnyside. (Mom was boggled by the length...she seemed to think it was only 40' or so. *snort*)

We've been planning for quite a while to put blueberries in there, but it keeps getting shuffled to the back of the list, due to timing or money problems. We almost did it last fall, but most of the things we're planting are spring planted, so I pushed it to now. Or rather, I pushed it to a month or two ago, and it's taken this long for mom and I to get the measurements and sit down and hash it out. :P

I bought three fairly good-sized (well, they will be when they mature, anyway) blueberry bushes at a local nursery a couple of weeks ago, when I bought the fig and papaya for my own container garden. Mom didn't really want any blueberries that big, but nothing but low bushes would look really kind of dippy on a wall that long on a 3-story brick house. Just saying.

So, final plans (right now, anyway), involved those three (2 bluerays and a bluecrop, I think), and three low-bush (northland), and three 'groundcover' blueberries (ruby carpet and little crisp, not sure which there will be two of, it's a set). Those are all on order if they're not on my porch. When mom found out about groundcover cranberry this winter, she went gaga, so there are 9 plants of that on order as well. I picked up some 'mosquito-repellent' thyme groundcover for another low-lying spreader to tuck in there.

Then the fun part. I kept butting up against a problem of what to do with the big blank section in the middle, where there's a slight change in bed depth, and, well, it just looked wrong. We started talking about putting a climber or two there, then I had the ultimate light-bulb moment. There's a climber I've been panting to try for a few years, but haven't the space for. Hardy kiwi. :) It's 8 feet of wall. D and I will design and build a trellis, and we have 3 kiwi plants (2 female, 1 male) on order. I am thoroughly pleased.

Last stop on that bed (aside from some annuals that I'll interplant in the first year or two, while the perennials slowly fill in) is to pick out and locate or order the 6 hydrangeas, which will frame the ends of the bed, and each of the two windows. Mom wants some mophead style that will be blue (blue is no problem, the bed will be highly acidic for the fruit, anyway, I just need to find some good coloured mopheads), and I want a couple of classic whites. If anyone adores hydrandeas and has recommendations, that would be awesome.

and back here on the homefront )
The garden has been eating a lot of my spare brain-power lately. I'm enjoying it tremendously so far, though we're a bit away from seeing more than a sprig of rosemary (it's still alive!!!) or dill for cooking purposes. The mesclun, if the squirrels will quit digging in it, might be productive in another couple of weeks. The spinach won't be far behind that, and the bok choi is a 'baby' variety that will be harvest-age in less than 50 days.
Cabbage and chard are hardening off nicely, and the first round of each will hit the raised bed later this week.

Time to go back to cleaning or something that looks like it.
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Mom's on this kick of getting me some sort of composter, because she doesn't want me trying to turn compost piles by hand, with my back injuries. I appreciate the thought, but looking through them is eating my time and what little patience either of us had. The reviews are generally all over the map, and I can't get a feel for what's really going on half the time.

Does anyone have, or know someone who has, a turnable compost bin? What do they like about it? Hate about it? Would they get it again? Is it practical for someone with a small garden, and a large container garden, with a moderate amount of compostable waste due to eating a lot of veggies, having a fairly large yard (for in town), and being quite willing to raid the office for paper waste as needed?

I'm leaving this unlocked for ease of sharing around, if you want to pass a link to someone who might be able to help.
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Packing for the weekend trip. Something tells me we won't be getting out of here nearly as early as I'd hoped. At this point I'm just hoping I don't lose my time in Lawrence like I did with the June trip - we got on the road so late there was only time for dinner, because all the shops had already closed. *sigh*

Went digging in the costuming/con trunk for garb for Sunday, and realized I don't have much faire gear worth wearing anymore. Rather sad. I pulled out my old kitchen wench garb, but I'm not really feeling it. I may wear something fairly modern and very atypical for me, just for the fun of it. We'll see. (Not sure people will recognize me if I do, but I suppose that's part of the amusement as well.)
I need to find reasons to make myself garb, but I'm so far out of the faire loop these days that I'm not sure what those reasons will be. The next big shindig I have on my schedule that will involve non-modern clothing is fantasy with a heavy victorian bent (and no, I'm not talking about steampunk, though we may make it to a steampunk gathering or two if time and budget permit as well), so more outfits for that need to come first, particularly since I'm volunteering and probably hostessing.

quick packing and to-do list )

In all this somewhat restrained mayhem, I got a call this morning from someone I hadn't seriously talked to in a very long time, who was a huge part of my life during my college years and for a while after. That was rather cool. He called again this evening, since we were interrupted earlier (both because he was making long-distance calls mid-day, which his wife wasn't thrilled about, and because I was running out of housekeeping tasks I could do at work with only one hand...), and we caught up a little bit more. Don't know how close we'll manage to be, but it's nice when old friendships poke their heads up and you can still trust each other with sensitive information. We probably hadn't talked voice since the one time we met in person, which was over a decade ago now. He had the startling realization this last week that I'm now 31. ;) Almost like a real grown-up!

Anyway, plans for this weekend are Lawrence tomorrow (later today, whatever) if we get moving fast enough, including a nice date meal. At some point I need to figure out how to get hooked up with [ profile] bountifulpots for a cheesecake, and I intend to get some time in at least 2 of the area half-price books. :P
Sunday is faire - we'll be outside gates by cannon if at all possible. If people want to coordinate to meet up, feel free to poke me - phone/text will likely work best, since I'm unlikely to be online much after bed tonight until we get back to town Monday.
Monday we sleep in, then take our sweet time getting back to CoMo, stopping at any antique store and flea market that takes D's fancy, which will probably be a lot of them... Anyone have any particular recommendations?

Also on my agenda - World Market (with my 25% friends and family event coupon in hand)
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Picking the collective brain -

What do people know about various e-fax systems/programs? One of the women I work for has efax, and can't stand it. She asked me to find out about other options. I need something that's reliable, easy to understand (she's not a techy by any stretch of the imagination), and can be set secure, for medical information transmission.

Anyone know of possible candidates, before I dive into google and swim about?
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It is that time of year again: [ profile] valentines_09

Leave a note for someone to find, or for someone who will never see it, just because you want to. Leave it with or without signing it. Go read some notes for that wonderful warm fuzzy bittersweet feeling. It's a sweet concept, and people have historically been good about playing nice.