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Birthdate:Jun 10
Having to sum up my life in a few sentences has never been my strong suit. For some of my interests, see the interests list. As for how they go together..that's complicated.

I am -
mother to cats, sister to a select few humans
a quiet crusader for animals, and a foster parent to many rescued cats
a healer still searching for the right path
a musician, in search of a space in which to create and exult
a scholar, interested in a wide variety of subjects, rarely the so-called practical ones
a lady, in a world where that appears to hold little meaning

I am also -
more shy than you probably think, easily upset by personal attacks to myself, fiercely protective of those I love, suprisingly level-headed (when I want to be), proud of my achievements, insecure as hell about my abilities, generally weird, and doing my best to delight in that

For those who add me as a friend, and think I never post anything:

Almost all posts are locked, to varying degrees. If you want to see what I have to say, drop me a line (replying to an unlocked post will work, if you don't have other contact info) and let me know who you are.
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