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We are in dire need of puppy and kitty homes!

I know most people are all full, or are busy with their own rescue groups, or what-have-you, but I could really use some more help getting the word out on this. is the community page (you do not have to be a member or be logged in to facebook to view this page!), regularly updated with photos, and is the fundraiser page, and we still have a lot of costs to cover as well.

Those who have ways to pass the word along, please do. We have 9 dogs who need homes - I'm still hopeful that Maggie herself will get to go back to the family that initially adopted her, but they are still dealing with ongoing human health crises, so it isn't a given. I'd like to have some time to match people up with the best puppy for their families, and they'll be ready to move on within a few weeks, so time's a'wastin, as it were.

Additionally, I still have Sterling the grey tabbycat, and it's well past time for him to find people of his own. He's beautiful, very active and playful, generally gentle, affectionate, and an arrogant little snot. Okay, not that little. I'll try to get some more decent photos soon and find a way to share them.
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