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Sterling (foster kitling) had his vet visit today. Tested negative for the nasty things, has been started on shots and neutered. He is ready for a permanent home. (This is not one I need to tame before handing him off, truly.) Roughly 9 months (just a bit under 9lbs, and his build/feet/way of moving all say not quite done growing yet).

He's essentially what I call a "rubber kitty". Very easy-going in general (with people - see below), likes to be picked up and held/snuggled, you can pretty much do whatever you want to him - rub his tummy, hold him like a baby, carry him around... easy cat. Gentle with his claws thus far, despite the rather stressful week he has had.

He is _very_ talkative. It isn't terribly loud, aside from when he is informing me that no, really, he's a big kid and he doesn't _need_ to be in the crate overnight, and it's morning anyway, and why isn't he out running the house yet? He just likes to talk. If you get into a conversation with him, it can go on for a while. But it's a pleasant voice, for the most part. (Mom threatened to name him Bennett. As in Tony.)

The aggression towards the other cats has considerably calmed down. It seems to have mostly been "new boy in town trying to make sure no one messes with him". I don't worry that he'll hurt anyone, and we're no longer hovering to make sure, just checking in when we hear too much noise. I think he'll be okay living with other cats, given a decent adjustment period. That said, boy has a mouth on him. He's quite the arrogant adolescent, and he says things to the others that even people who don't speak cat can probably tell are rude. (Cheyenne is worried. Lillith is annoyed and worried. Aidan just looks hurt. Casper is being delightfully aloof and ignoring him. It's fun to watch that one, because it appears to be making Sterling slightly nuts.)

But he's been loose in our house for several hours at a time more than once, and the worst problem has been him attempting to intimidate a couple of my chickens-disguised-as-cats somewhat. They're fine, and they're not in hiding or anything. Just a little wary. So, really, he should be fine with other cats, he's great with people. No idea about dogs/other types of pet.

Standard adoption rules apply: indoors only please (he loves sitting in the windows, but has made _no_ move towards the door - he will be fine indoors), no de-clawing, need to be in position to manage basic healthcare as needed.

So there you go. Grey/silver tabby, very handsome, very loving, needs a good people(s), maybe another cat or two for companionship, but he'd probably be okay solo as long as he had lots of people time - kind of attention-seeking, this one. Healthy, snuggly, ready for a home. Help me, internets!

(leaving unlocked so people can be pointed to this if someone knows someone looking)
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