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Alright, I'm looking for some help finding ways to make this trip work. Aside from the obvious "if you know of paying work I could do, tell me!", I'm trying to figure out how to cut costs. We already travel with food of our own, since eating on the road can be a budget-killer. Sadly, the convention hotel isn't one of the lovely places with kitchens, so there's only so much we can do, but that's life. They are supposedly at least feeding us breakfast during the convention proper, which helps a little.

My biggest challenge is post-convention, pre-Richmond (and while in Richmond, honestly). If you know people who are in Baltimore area, or north/east VA (pretty much anywhere from the greater DC metro area, through Alexandria, and down to Richmond, as well as the Williamsburg area) who might be able to give us advice for cheap-but-not-terrifying places to stay for a couple of nights mid-week, please pass the question along to them? Basic wheelchair accessibility is necessary for D (basic meaning can get into the room and into a bed/couch without dealing with more than one stair, in this case), and I am chemically sensitive, but I generally just accept that I'll be at least slightly ill while traveling.
A nifty town to explore is a bonus, but certainly not necessary.

I don't _think_ I know anyone out in that area whose home would be even remotely accessible and who would be okay with couch-surfers. And besides, if I do, I obviously don't know them well enough to ask, given that I'm unaware that they're there. :P

I'm guessing that in Richmond proper we'll stay at an Extended Stay or similar - not dirt cheap, but they have kitchens, which helps offset cost if we actually behave ourselves and cook.

We can find relatively affordable ways to entertain ourselves in the area, though of course if you are in said area and want to play with us, feel free to give me a poke. We may wander into DC or Alexandria at least for one day.


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