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This is a preliminary call for ideas/names. A cousin (more precisely, the widow of one of dad's cousins) has decided that she can't keep her cats. Her reasoning is unclear, and given her mental state at this point, getting clarity probably won't happen, though I may give it a shot. Mom and I helped her adopt these cats from a shelter over 8 years ago, and we're going to have to step in now to keep them from being dropped off in a shelter and probably killed as unadoptable for a variety of reasons.

The basics: Two female cats, a mother-daughter pair. Both white haired with blue eyes (I believe - mom certainly had blue eyes as a young adult, and her daughter looked just like her, with no sign of eyes changing at the time of the adoption, which was 8-10 weeks, I think...), at least one is a medium-fur. At the time of adoption, the mother was a sweet and elegant young cat, not quite a year old, who charmed everyone she met (I met her at the vet office when she was in to be spayed), and the baby was, well, a sweet baby kitten.
The problems with immediate re-homing are that they are now 8 and 9 years old, cannot be separated as far as anyone can tell, and they've been allowed to become rather horribly unsocialized over the last few years. The description I've been given says that the momcat is rather unfriendly these days, and the daughter is timid around most people. These are traits that can be overcome, generally, but it will take time and patience in good foster care.

I'd like to find them a medium-term foster arrangement, someone who can help resocialize them, and actively groom them for a good home for the second half of their lives. I'd do it myself, but the babycat (currently known as Casper) who landed on my doorstep last week is already taking a lot of my focus and energy away from Kimi, and I will not risk her health by adding any other feline distractions to the home right now. There's also the problem of lease/landlord/city pet limits, and some other stuff.

Anyone know of a good foster home with openings? Anyone willing to try taking them on for a while? Someone in the vicinity of MO know of a no-kill shelter that actually has openings for paired adult cats? When I helped pull them from a shelter, I dubbed them Sapphire and Topaz - they were gloriously striking cats. Their current names, which I admit kind of make me cringe, are Pretty Girl and Baby. *sigh*

Leaving this one unlocked, in case someone needs to pass it along.
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